Francesco began to use photography as the main tool to vehicle his creativity until adolescence. Over the years he was able to perfect his technique by attending different schools including John Kaverdash Academy in Milan and The International Center of Photography in New York. For him, photography is pure communication. Everything is aimed to tell something: from current events with social relevance, to simple feelings,  A large part of his work is influenced by his background that often leads him look into intimate aspects and seek to use a visual language sometimes raw and sometimes full of metaphors.


-2017 selected works from "Architecture of Silence" and "in-NATURE" @HE2017 "Questioning and Queering Masculinity" (Last Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

-2016 "The V Dictionary" @SWAGina (Mina Studio, Modena, Italy)

-2017 "Beyond the Surface" @Equation Multiple (Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, France)

-2017 "Architecture of Silence" (Balaclava.Q, online gallery)

-2017 "Architecture of Silence" and "in-NATURE" (only selected ones) @HE 2017 (LastProject Gallery, Los Angeles, USA)


-2017 "Jesus F**k" (KALTBLUT Magazine, Berlin)

-2017 "Architecture of Silence" (KALTBLUT Magazine, Berlin)