We, as LGBTQ people, had to fight and to deal with one of the most evaluated name we’ve been called by people against our rights/life/existence, this word is: “unnatural”. 

We are ALL made of the same exact organic material, no matter what your sexual orientation is like, we, human beings, are ALL equally unnatural/natural.

So I took US, awful fags, God hated, socially not acceptable persons, and I put US into the nature, I forced US where we “do not” belong and, doing that, I went back in the places of my childhood. The very same places where I've been happy as a kid and the same places where I wet the ground with my tears when listening to the adults speeches around me I started to feel myself UNNATURAL, an ABOMINATION and WRONG.

This is my revenge. This is a reclaim of our being proudly and naturally part of this planet.

Appennino Modenese, Italy. 2017 ©Francesco Cavicchioli